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P.O. Box 67    W17066 Main Street

Curtis, MI  49820

Phone: Pastor: 906-586-6034 


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To directly contact one of our members, please click on the photos below, or the link.


Ray and Jane White

Please contact us about church membership, counseling needs, or with any questions you may have.


Youth Programs

Scott and Kris Nance

If you have a specific need, question, or would like to participate in any of our Youth Programs, please email us.


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Prayer Requests

Prayer is very powerful, and our church family can lift up your burden or praise to the Lord. Please email us...we can keep your name confidential if desired.


Children's Ministries

Jordan and Shannon Paulson

If you have a specific need, question, or wish to participate in any of our children's programs, please email or call.



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